Sand blasting is also referred to as abrasive blasting. This is a method in which the rough surface is polished or smoothened using different materials. This is a helpful technique in the field of machinery where metal surfaces and parts are susceptible to corrosion and rust. Fortunately, sand blasting is developed to make a solution to this dilemma. Because of such methods, the metal parts will function efficiently.  

In this process, an abrasive material is used to blast through a surface to remove the impurities and smooth it out for next coating. Lots of pressure is use to cause the blast to occur. The kind of pressure applied will also determine the quality of results and how fast the process could be. The following are the other types of sand blasting. Check this out.  

  1. Soda Blasting 

One type of abrasive blasting is soda blasting. This refers to the use of bicarbonate of soda or baking soda in the process of smoothing the surface. Soda is used as the material for sand blasting so the rust in the metal surface or parts is removed. This material cannot cause depression or damage to the materials. Soda is another option if you’re cleaning a delicate surface that might be destroyed by other abrasives that are tough.  

  1. Silicon Dioxide or Silica Sand 

Silicon dioxide is also known as quartz or silica. This is ordinary sand that is considered as one of the most efficient abrasive in sand blasting. Silica sand blasting is commonly used when removing dirt from the surfaces. The size of silica is almost the same as the size of the sand which makes the method really effective. However, this method is no longer in demand now because there are other abrasive that are more efficient and health-friendly.  

  1. Steel Grit 

Another type of sand blasting is steel grit. Steel grit is used as a material for blasting and removing rust and paint from the steel metal and parts. The final product is a smooth finish that is free of rust and corrosion. Many people prefer this method because of its fast cutting nature.  

  1. Bristle Blasting 

In this kind of blasting, there is no separate medium is used when it comes to cleaning the surface. Steel wire bristles are used instead which is rotated on the surface. The rotation of the bristles helps in the removal of the dirt and impurities which leaves the surface smooth. This method is used to clean the metal surface which is suffering from corrosion.  

  1. Glass Bead 

If you want the surface to have a satin or matter finish, glass bead blasting is the best option for you. This type of material has very fine materials that smoothens the surface. If you want to have a smooth and clean finish on your cabinets, then this is your best option.  

There are different types of sand blasting which are offered by different blasting companies. The types we mentioned above use specific type of grit to achieve the goal you want.